Nettie Metcalf's written vision is the model for our Buckeyes. There are no secret feeds or special additives that guarantee championship birds. Choice matings, careful tracking of genetic traits, and maintaining a proper balanced diet coupled with exceptional care ensures that they develop to their fullest genetic potential.

Southern Ohio Poultry Association Meet

Marietta, OH; Great may to kick off the year with winning Champion American and advancing to Reserve Grand Champion Large Fowl

Please use this site as a reference and a guide to help better the quality of your buckeye flock. I will be adding some more information to better aide you in the selection processes.

NPIP# 31-697 and AI Clean

Shumaker Farm maintains a flock of roughly 50 mature Buckeyes. We are fortunate to have the ability of rearing roughly   200 Large Fowl Buckeyes yearly. From that we cull and select through specimens for exhibition and our breeding program.


Southern Ohio Poultry Association Meet

Lucasville, OH; in my mind, this show is the best show in the state of Ohio. Always excellent judges!





American Buckeye Club Grand Master Breeder

Shumaker Farm is located in Southwestern Ohio and is dedicated to the preservation of both the large fowl and bantam varieties of the Buckeye breed. We began breeding/raising large fowl Buckeyes in the fall of 2009. A single cock from Mr. Jeff Lay and a single hen from Mr. John Brown is where we started. The rest we can say is history. This year (2016) will be our 6th year breeding this family of poultry. We acquired a single pair bantams in 2014 from Mr. John Brown and added to them in 2015 from a close friend.

We encourage you to take your time and read through our website thoroughly and view the photos offered. Hopefully, you find the information within beneficial. I’ll be continually updating the information, pictures and show results. There are many very exciting shows ahead of us this year.

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-Joseph Shumaker

Breeding & Raising Champion Buckeyes

Bloomington, IN

Had to cancel this event due to weather. Who gets 2 inches of snow with ice? To bad, was really looking forward to it; maybe next year.

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