Upon further inquiring, I located the old Metcalf House that has been standing for more than 100 years. Its hard to imagine that this beautiful house once sat on 20 acres of land on Arbor Vista Square which is now the corner of West Arbor Vitae Street and Grevillea Avenue.

As written by Nettie Metcalf. Copyright Shumaker Farm LLC.

While in Inglewood, I made it a point to visit the final resting place of Nettie and her family to pay respects. It was a very surreal moment to stand before the creator of the Buckeye. Even more intriguing was realizing that Nettie and myself share the same date of birth, October 13th. 

I had the opportunity to take a trip out to Southern California in the Spring of 2015. My travels took me to Inglewood, the place Nettie Metcalf moved to early in the 1900s. I had the fortune of actually meeting some of Nettie's living decendants, have dinner with them, and learn about the family history outside of the Buckeye. It was a truly an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Southern California Adventure

The Metcalf's were considered one of the founding families of Inglewood, CA. The founding families of Inglewood are shown in the photograph to the right. Frank and Nettie Metcalf are located in the front row; 3rd and 4th from the left. Nettie is wearing a dress and Frank in a suit holding the hat. 

​Below is an original writing of Nettie Metcalf, she writes of her longing to return to California. Nettie was known for her writings and regularly wrote about her trials and observations throughout her life with the intent of passing her life and memories down to future generations.