From Day 1, properly bred Buckeyes exhibit structural features that offer a peek into how the fowl will mature. It is important that a wide skull is observed, a proper skull will have a brow above the eyes. You should be able to look directly down from the top of the skull and not be able to see the eyes. The shape of skull should be round and not elongated with a short, stout (strong) beak. Legs should be thick, very solid, and with good spacing. Toes should be thicker and shorter in nature. All of these traits are transcendent from the Indian Game genetics that were incorporated when the breed was originated. These traits will develop significantly as they mature. A strong foundation is essential to support a BIG frame. Good buckeyes are built from the ground up.

​It should be noted that through my years of breeding Buckeyes, that the color of the chick down does vary to some degree from light tan to soft red to a darker red. I have noticed no difference in the mature plumage based on chick down color. With that being said, I have noticed a significant difference in color when the chicks are blonde; they tend to be much lighter in color as mature fowl. I personally prefer a nice even color as observed in the pics provided. 

After 28 days

Pride From Day One

After 14 days

Buckeyes start out sizable

​Big, robust chicks with a broad skull and back are absolutely essential!



After 7 days

​​Large Fowl Buckeyes

Built O-H-I-O Strong

After 21 days

Buckeyes GROW Quickly

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