“Heritage” and “Certified” Buckeyes?

What exactly is a "heritage" Buckeye? Where did that description arise? I've also seen phrases like "certified " Buckeyes or "certified heritage" Buckeyes. Since when does a Buckeye need to be "certified" for it to be a Buckeye? Are those terms used to basically peddle "(questionable) quality" birds or do they have meaning? Who certifies these birds? Do their credentials actually have meaning or did they come out of a cracker-jacks box? Where would one go to actually obtain such a certification?

The American Livestock Breeders Conservancy  (ALBC) claims and I quote "Defining Heritage helps create a market niche while helping to conserve traditional breeds, their genetics, and their agricultural systems." Furthermore; "ALBC is nonpartisan in the creation of these definitions" and "Each of the definitions is created through discussions with partners and stakeholders". This information was taken directly from the ALBC and is concrete evidence that the term is being used to MARKET birds regardless of breed specifics and standard qualities. In addition, the USDA does NOT support or accept this terminology! With that being said, I still feel that the ALBC is a great organization that does help in the preservation and promotion of several rare breeds.

I guess what I'm trying to convey is there are some new ideas out there to help "inspire" the sales of these birds. Don't get sucked into the ideology that just because a couple extra "meaningful" adjectives are put in front of the breed name, they are any less or better than birds from other flocks. I've often find that people do this so they can peddle birds and take advantage of hard working people who want to do the right thing.

This idea transcends across more breeds than just the Buckeye. So be mindful and don't pay the elevated prices for sub-par birds. Do your homework and don't grab the first birds you come across!!!!

At the end of the day, the term STANDARD BRED POULTRY should be used to describe the Buckeye. This is the terminology that the American Poultry Association started with and supports to this day!

Shumaker Farm fully endorses the American Buckeye Club (ABC) and recognizes it to be an excellent club for the promotion and development of the Buckeye breed for both backyard enthusiasts and exhibition venues. There are other groups that also promote this breed, but fall short in comparison to the ABC. The ABC has many tremendous and dedicated members to which we at Shumaker Farm are proud to acknowledge and be a part of. The depth of knowledge coupled with the detailed historical perspective promotes the proliferation of this wonderful breed as its creator, Mrs. Nettie Metcalf, intended. We at Shumaker Farm strongly encourage those interested in raising Buckeyes to visit ABC’s website and blogspot for more information. As a bonus, general membership is FREE! Why pay annual dues for information that should be free for everyone to learn from and enjoy? Become a welcomed member of Buckeye Nation and a part of the family at the facebook group. We’ll see you there!

Endowment Trust Life Membership

​I myself believe in the cause of the APA and have become a lifetime member of the organization. I feel that it is very important to protect the concept of STANDARD-BRED poultry.

The American Poultry Association

Poultry Shows and Exhibition

Poultry Shows are a great way to see many of the amazing breeds of poultry that exist today! It is always very enjoyable to see familiar faces and speak with thousands of people that share the same passion for the hobby. If you get the opportunity or are just simply curious, I encourage you to attend a show or two and see for yourself how fun exhibiting poultry can truly be. It is a tremendous feeling of accomplishment when you select a breed that truly suits you, put in the time and effort to breed specimens that you are proud of and they show well at the shows!

The American Buckeye Club (ABC) is dedicated to the preservation of the Buckeye Chicken and is a place for Breeders, Hobbiests, Fanciers and Poultry Enthusiasts to share information about this exceptional breed of fowl. The ABC is a recognized breed club of the American Poultry Association (APA), and is dedicated to the preservation of the Buckeye chicken.The organization was established in 1906 and reorganized by a small group of OHIO based Buckeye Breeders in 2009. Our MISSION is to be the primary resource for the BUCKEYE BREEDERS DIRECTORY in addition to a historical reference for everyone interested in learning more about Buckeyes! 

The American Buckeye Club has one basic goal; PRESERVATION of the BUCKEYE breed. We help buyers find individual Breeders and/or Hatcheries that offer Buckeye chicks, adult birds and hatching eggs. It is our desire to assist newcomers to the Buckeye breed in gaining a wealth of expertise, practical experience and hope they find our members to have the highest degree of integrity and honesty when conducting business. Unfortunately, there are people in the poultry industry that will take advantage of newcomers to the "Fancy" but hopefully we can help people avoid these scammers

​You can visit the club website: http://americanbuckeyeclub.org/

​You can visit  the club blogspot: http://americanbuckeyeclub.blogspot.com/​​

​Join the Buckeye group on Facebook to learn more : https://www.facebook.com/groups/buckeyechickens/

If you want to take the next step and become a paid ABC member; you can find details within the websites linked above.


To promote and protect the standard-bred poultry industry in all its phases.

To continue the publication of the American Standard of Perfection with the breed and variety descriptions for all the recognized purebred fowl.

To encourage and protect poultry shows as being the show window of our industry, an education for both breeders and public, and a means of interesting young future breeders in taking up poultry.

To assist, encourage and help educate the junior poultry man to the sound and practical value of standard-bred poultry and pure breeding.