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A Piece of Advice

When contacting breeders, the real ones won't make if you find one that likes to make excuses on anything (especially appearance!)...pass them on by. Be sure to ask for their recommendation on how to breed the birds you receive (if receiving mature stock), as well as information regarding the future matings for the next couple of generations. A true breeder will understand what you are asking and provide beneficial information. In my mind, anything less is unacceptable. Beginners usually have to learn the hard way, but it's important you actually learn from it. Hatcheries are in it for $$$$ and most breeders are in it for the birds; unless you bump into a peddler and its right back to the hatchery scenario (they just mask it better). There are a few Buckeye peddlers, so do your homework. Times are tough, money is hard to come by and you (as a buyer) should be proud of / happy with what you spend it on.  

What I’m trying to convey is when selecting a breeder to buy birds from, make sure you look at the flock in person or at least see pictures (more than two or three). If there is a lack of uniformity (look at the station, tails, color, heads, and combs), what would make you think you wouldn't have the same problem? Just because the breeder flashes an old “strain’s” name (like Urch or ALBC or Brown or whatever) doesn’t make the birds any better that what they are. Remember you are buying the birds for what they are and not the name associated with them.

Best of Breed, Champion and Show Quality (SQ)

I encourage you to show caution when someone or a potential seller is throwing the terms listed above to sell their fowl. You need to make sure that you do your research! It is very easy to earn "Best of Breed" these days at poultry shows for the Buckeye breed. There really aren't that many people showing Buckeyes; its sad but true. All that is needed to earn "Best of Breed" most of the time is just showing up to the show. If you are the only person exhibiting Buckeyes, you automatically get "Best of Breed" even if what was brought was a poor quality Buckeye. In turn, because "Best of Breed" was given, it can be considered "Champion" of that Breed. As a result, that bird can now be considered the "Champion Buckeye of the Show" which is a completely dishonest way of describing a very small barely noticeable accomplishment! I consider this to be in the same realm of the soccer mom mentality that "everyone gets a trophy". It is completely misleading to those new to the breed and looking to acquire solid exhibition stock. The same concept is applied to "Show Quality" fowl. This term is used to sell poultry, but you have to realize that not every bird you get is going to win a show or even come close to really competing for that matter. People label their fowl "Show Quality" whether they are actually good exhibition fowl or not. It is nothing more that a way to sell poultry to those that really don't know any better! DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

​​Now, if a Buckeye has the quality to win the American Class or even higher honors; that person is definitely on the right track and should be proud of their accomplishments!

Make sure to ALWAYS look at the overall health of the flock, the environment in which they live in, and check how clean the water/waterers are (assuming there is water in them).  These little details will speak volumes to how well the breeder respects and cares for his fowl. You would be amazed on how bad some practices are. You should also take many of these on-line chicken forums with a grain of salt; believe about half of everything you read. I have now begun visiting and contributing when time permits to one particular forum ( since the admin has cleaned up the riff raff and made it more friendly for buckeye enthusiasts with varying ideaologies.

There are far too many people selling Buckeyes with recognized breeders names attached. If they did not get their fowl directly from the original breeder, they have no business using their name to help sell them! This is an excellent peddling technique that is often used to sell lesser quality birds.

*Always be sure to check the Better Business Bureau to ensure that you are always dealing with an HONEST person*

Feel free to contact me: regarding information about this wonderful breed of poultry.

Please note that I don't mass produce my fowl like many other breeders so the numbers I release are very, very limited because I will not part with sub par fowl. I am doing my customer as well as myself a respectable service.

Unless Buckeyes are purchased direct from me; I did not breed them and therefore not technically considered "Shumaker" fowl. Only the fowl that I've personally bred can me considered my Buckeyes. It should be noted that my Buckeyes are still very much a project, undergoing continual improvement, and in NO way are perfect!

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Hatching Eggs available April and May.

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